Why you should pay attention to our analyses

There are several reasons why our analysis should not be dismissed as “just student talk.” While it is true that we are students, we think this is only one reason why our analyses can add some value to the general discussion of current issues.

Our perspective as students of international security in Germany gives us insights into current trends in research. This insight into new developments and concepts lets us question traditional explanations of old and new issues. This “new spirit” and openness towards creative approaches is worth paying attention to.

We are all studying in Berlin and we are also a group of students with diverse backgrounds. From Central Asia to Northern America, from the Middle East to Subsahara Africa – we have experienced different circumstances and been confronted with a diversity of challenges. This diversity in background, which is often missing in the  security debate, is  another reason why reading our analyses are insightful.

International Security is still too often dominated by men and not reflective of the diversity of actors impacted by international security. It is important to us to challenge this status quo by acknowledging the importance of gender-balance in international security.

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