Introduction to the Security 101

Security issues are omnipresent – just open the newspaper and you will read something about Syria / Iraq / Afghanistan / Ukraine / North Korea / terrorist attacks in XYZ / refugee crisis and so on.

And when we read those news, we often times tend to think that the conflict is specific to the region and historical developments. But it is much more complex than that: this is why there are whole departments analysing the different aspects of security. And we want to help you understand them.

In our Security 101 we aim at explaining and de-mystifying international security and security policy. We will explain basic concepts of international relations that can frame the debate about a certain issue. We will highlight historical developments and their effect on our thinking and perception of war. We will conceptualise specific conflicts and give you a deeper level of understanding of the conflicts.

We hope to contribute to the security debate and help interested readers in understanding and participating. In many states, the discussion is only led by experts not including the broader public. Hopefully, we can help to change this and open the debate.

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