Post Munich Security Conference: Discussion at the Hertie School

Event hosted by: Hertie School

Event location: Hertie School

Event date: February 17, 2020

The restlessness of the West was a common theme held in the Post Munich Security Conference Event at the Hertie School of Governance. Various speakers discussed multiple topics concerning the western world ranging from China’s control in communication networks to Climate change while also taking questions from the audience. While questions were answered frequently with recaps of what had transpired within the Security conference, the speakers often gave their own thoughts on the subjects not discussed in Munich. Whether it was giving their perspectives on the issue or offering a solution, the diversity of the speakers’ ideas allowed the audience to gain a broader perspective on the subjects that were tackled.

Relations with the United States were thoroughly discussed, especially regarding growing tensions between the European Union and that what might be good for the United States might not be the best for Europe. Furthermore, there was a notion that the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit relations with the EU created another layer of division within the West and a new set of interests for Europe to consider regarding international security goals.

One of the most important subjects raised in this event was what even constituted the West in the first place. The speakers noted for all the talk about the West winning or declining; there was little consensus as to what the West was made of. Ideas of it being based on geography, a set of values, or even race were discussed, although thankfully no one appeared to suggest it was based on the latter. Regardless, it is evident that the European Union has to consider multiple perspectives in its challenges with International Security, as the divisions within the EU must be overcome before newer divisions such as with the USA and UK arise.


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