The Opinion Piece of Politics

Position papers might sound like a rather boring affair. But on the contrary, they can be exciting, controversial, and sometimes even fun.

We all have opinions on almost everything – the kind of milk we want to drink, the sweets we prefer, labour hours, tax rates, and whether going to war is the right thing to do or not. But many of our opinions are based on tradition (“that’s the way we always did it”) or on values. While this is not generally a bad thing, it can cloud our judgement and sometimes keep us from evaluating a situation or issue at hand objectively. (Although after enough philosophy classes, it becomes quite obvious that objectivity is an in itsefl impossible concept.)

So why are position papers valuable nevertheless?
Position papers of our authors are not some mere vague statement  but specific and reasoned in empirical or theoretical evidence. When reading the papers, you might agree or disagree but you can understand the reasoning behind the position hold. Our authors outline their experiences on the topic, relevant facts from history or research, and take their own spin on the topic. Their recommendations are based on a critical assessment of the issue. And this – in my humble opinion – is worth reading.

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